jules van der linden

Jules van der Linden was born in 1964 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). After his study at the school of fine art, he became a designer of modern jewellery in 1989.

Since then, he has developed his own style. He works mostly with titanium often combined with gold or silver. Jules’ jewellery is characterized by a modern and simple style, surprising creations and striking details.

His jewellery-collections are exposed and sold at jewellery-galleries, modern jeweller’s and contemporary jewellery-shops in several European countries.

Titanium is beautiful and nearly indestructible. Nowadays titanium has found its place between gold and silver in modern jewellery-shops.

The number of people who are allergic to every kind of metal has increased enormously. For a lot of people it is not possible to wear metal jewellery, especially earrings and necklaces are causing allergie-problems.

With titanium, there are ABSOLUTELY NO ALLERGIES. Titanium is hard as steel, but weighs a lot less, so it is solid as well as comfortable to wear.

It is possible to colour titanium by electrolyses, this is a chemical reaction that changes the colour of the titanium, so the surface is a lot more resistant than a painted surface.