f) Multicolours hooks (10 pieces)

Ten pieces (5 pairs) of Titanium ear hooks with their nylon pushers.


Are you sensitive or allergic to other metals?

Now you can wear all your dangle or drop earrings again just by changing the old hooks for these titanium ones!

You can also create your own unique earrings and fix them on these titanium hooks.


- very light (0,1 gr a piece) and comfortable to wear,

- absolutely no risk of allergies, made out of 100% pure titanium

- titanium wire  Ø 0,8 mm, Grade 1


Colour: gray, blue, purple, yellow and green (one pair of each colour) . Colored by electrolysis. In this electrical proces, it is the titanium itself that changes colour. No paint or other chemicals are added.

10 Titanium hooks multicolour

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